Net-Spacy® celebrates Christmas! And you get the presents!

Verfasst am: 15. December 2015 von: Net-Spacy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear customers,

Christmas is right around the corner and we want to celebrate with you! First of all, we would like to thank you for a successful year together. We hope to be your competent partner in 2016 again.

Our thank-you gift to you for Christmas is a big discount package!

  • 10% off of all VoIP plans

Enjoy high-quality VoIP at a great price! Lots of features and no attachment to a regional phone company! Additionally, our VoIP plans are individually scalable and suited to your personal needs.

You can find our VoIP plans [here]!

  • 10% off of ESET licenses + additional discounts if you switch from existing “external licenses”!

Secure your system in 2016 with trustworthy ESET software and don’t worry about viruses or trojans anymore. ESET offers an all-around security package that secures your system from all kinds of threats while being very resource-efficient. Additionally, ESET protects your system online from infected websites as well as during online-banking!

You can find our ESET options [here]!

  • 10% off of spam filters

Especially during Christmas time, unsolicited spam mails are an undesirable present in your mailbox. Spammers exploit Christmas time to send out phishing-, ad-, and virus mail. Our spam filter solutions identify spam early and catch annoying mails before they reach your mailbox and protects you from potential malware. Mails that overcome the first layer of protection have to go through a very thorough testing process before being authorized to your mailbox. Not only do you save time not sorting your mail manually but you also increase your protection of potentially dangerous spam mail.

You can find our spam filter solutions [here]!

In order to enjoy our Christmas discount, just enter the code “10PXMAS” during your order.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Your Net-Spacy® Team

Limited offer: Free migration service to Net-Spacy®!

Verfasst am: 5. November 2015 von: Net-Spacy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear customers,

For all those who want to switch providers to Net-Spacy®, we offer a free migration service. For the entire month of November, we provide our migration service without any charges instead of the regular price of 29 Euros.

We move your data bases as well as web and mail data, so you don’t have to worry about any additional effort on your side. All you need to do is tell us the following information:

  • Which provider is currently hosting your websites?
  • How many websites have to be migrated?
  • What kind of content (html/php) has to be migrated?
  • How much data (MB/GB) has to be migrated?
  • When do you want to move your data?
  • Your previous access details
  • In case of mailbox migration: please tell us the number of mailboxes so that we can offer you an individual price for the mailbox migration

You are interested in our migration service? Please contact us via email or phone, so we can individually plan your data migration according to your needs!

Best regards,

Your Net-Spacy® Team

Webhoster of the year 2015 – Net-Spacy is one of the TOP 3 server providers of!

Verfasst am: 4. November 2015 von: Net-Spacy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear customers,
The decision is final: we are in the TOP 3 of server providers on in their contest “Webhoster 2015”.


We want to thank you for your very positive feedback and participation in the contest! Of course we want to keep up our high service standard and provide only the best service to our customers. Needless to say, we always welcome your feedback to improve our services to your needs. Please tell us what you think of Net-Spacy by giving a small review on these hosting platforms. Click the logos to get to the website:



Thank you for your support,
Your Net-Spacy® Team

We now have: 24/7 RemoteHands / HandsOn for 3 Berlin datacenter locations

Verfasst am: 13. November 2014 von: Net-Spacy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would now like to offer the following at the three subsequently listed datacenter locations in Berlin: RemoteHands or HandsOn, also for clients who don’t rent a server from us – on request clients will receive an individual SLA with guaranteed response times (24/7/365).


  1. Gradestraße 60, 12347 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 200 m )
  2. Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 3,5 km )
  3. Alboinstrasse 36-42, 12103 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 6 km )

Through our ideal office location only two buildings away from Level 3 datacenter and just a few kilometers to the other two datacenter locations, we are in the position to offer RemoteHands also to those clients who solely prefer to use our service.

Our RemoteHands / HandsOn are optimal for you if you e.g.:

  • operate your own hardware in one or more of the above mentioned locations
  • have no time for the journey or the drive is too far
  • are in need of a holiday cover for your company
  • would like to offer a 24/7 RemoteHand service to your clients

Which accounting methods are offered?

  • billing on effort (weekdays: 8-18h = for each 15 minutes commenced, other times, weekends, public holidays = for each 60 minutes commenced)
  • monthly inclusive HandsOn flat rate (minimum booking: 60 minutes, from 60,00 Euro net or 71,40 Euro gross)

What costs will be incurred for RemoteHands?


  • Mo.-Fr. 8.00h – 18.00h => 22,50 Euro net or 26,78 Euro gross / 15 min.
  • Mo.-Fr. 18.01h – 7.59h as well as Sa, Su, public holidays => 135,00 Euro net or 160,65 gross / 60 min.

Journey to and from Lorenzweg and Alboinstrasse:

  • Main times: 30,00 Euro net or 35,70 Euro gross
  • Secondary times (incl. public holidays and weekends) 60,00 Euro net or 71,40 Euro gross

Free journey to and from for clients at Level3 datacenter

What tasks can be covered with our RemoteHands?

  • Reboots
  • Execution of commands through phone orders
  • Error diagnosis of problems / hardware defects
  • Replacement of old and defect hardware
  • Installation and commission of new systems (server, NAS, Switche, firewalls, etc.)

Additionally, we offer our clients with the monthly inclusive HandsOn deal the opportunity to store hardware with us affordably and if needed resort to them.

We have woken your interest? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We would like to assist with any questions by phone or email.

With kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team

Soon available: Paying bills in Bitcoins (BTC)

Verfasst am: 27. August 2013 von: Net-Spacy

Dear client, dear visitor and all those interested,

We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to offer payment via Bitcoins (BTC) as a payment method soon, due to the high demand.

Clients who would like to make a payment via Bitcoins will soon have the opportunity to settle their bill this way.

For clients who have not yet engaged with the ‘virtual’ currency: it really is worth looking into more closely.

If you would like to pay by BTC now, please get in contact with our support team – we will discuss everything in detail with you then!

With kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team

The neverending story with the Telekom

Verfasst am: 18. June 2013 von: Dennis Kühn

After a long “silence” on this blog, here is finally a new entry.

Quickly beforehand: a few weeks aog we got a second office in order to plan and arrange our personal resources better going forward.

Unfortunately this office has not been able to be used properly – because the xDSL line which was ordered weeks ago was still missing.

We decided to go with O2 (business) as a supplier for several reasons.

The official and first wiring appointment with the Telekom (onsite technician needed) was supposed to take place on the 10.06.13 which we were advised of at the end of May via a wiring appointment notification.

Because the office was up to then nearly empty I myself stayed there between 12 – 4pm to instruct the technician onsite accordingly in order to get the wiring in the correct room.

I waited until 5pm for nothing, hoping that the technician would still arrive – but that didn’t happen. Even the facility manager had to work “overtime” because of the Telekom, as he was needed to reach the switchbox in the building.

After contacting O2 by phone I was told that the Telekom technician had already given feedback to O2 – which was: “Client not found onsite”.

I thought that was interesting since I had put a notification on the main entrance for the Telekom as well as applied our company sign to the lifts.

Well, something like this can happen supposedly – therefore we asked for a new appointment (for 7 days later)

The new appointment was thus arranged for the 17.06.13 again between 12 – 4pm.

Because I wasn’t available that day, I asked one of my colleagues to wait onsite – unfortunately again to no avail which I realized when I arrived at 4.30pm and did not meet a Telekom technician.

Another call to O2 got the same result: “Client not found onsite” – which cannot be possible – the main entrance, the lift, our level as well as our doors were sign-posted clearly.

I am now asking myself whether the Telekom does this sort of stuff on purpose in order to go to them directly and not O2? I have explicitly opted out from choosing the Telekom because I am not going to support the intent to throttling.

Because O2 is reliant on the Telekom, as well as any other provider is reliant on them, it doesn’t make much sense to change over to Vodafone for example, because the same game is played again.

The new technician appointment was secured for Monday, 24.06.13.

Hard to believe – on Monday around 2pm a subcontractor who worked on behalf of the Telekom arrived to switch the connection. After the technician quickly rang through to the connection and also replaced it in the switch room successfully he told us that the connection would go live within the next 2 hours.

At 4pm however, we had to find out again that these were empty promises – because the connection was not live. The DSL lamp was blinking which means there was no synchronization to the VT.

After informing O2 of the result in form of a fault report, we were told that we would receive a fault-clearing within 8 hours. However, this was again an empty promise by O2. According to them a technician arrived on the 25.06.13 around 2pm and did not find us – this however cannot be true because 2 of us waited here for him. With another phone call to O2 we found out that the Telekom had not reported the malfunction as complete and that we should go home so as not to wait for the technician to no purpose.

At 10pm I asked O2 for another update – this time they informed us that the malfunction was fixed in the fuse box on the road at approximately 5pm and that we should be able to go online the next day, Wednesday 26.06.13.

On 26.06.13 at 1pm it was finally there – the moment when the connection was live for the 1st time and we could surf at long last.

Our company blog goes online!

Verfasst am: 10. September 2012 von: Net-Spacy

Welcome to our company blog of Net-Spacy Computer and Internet Services.

In connection to the release of our new company presence, we now also start our new company blog.

The goal of our blog is to inform our clients and interested parties about news, technology and everything about Net-Spacy.

In this blog we will also announce and publish campaigns besides new products and features.

Enjoy any future browsing through our blog – we welcome your comments or links.

Kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team