High availability – nearly 1000 days continuously!!

Verfasst am: 22. June 2015 von: Net-Spacy

Out of our own interest we have looked at different systems today and noticed that many of them have a mentionable Uptime.

Independent of the purpose we have reached such high availability and have still operated a very secure system.

See below a few screenshots for visualization and confirmation:

2015-06-22 14_29_18-neukoelln.net-spacy.com 2015-06-22 14_29_44-pxe01-fra2.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_28_42-kreuzberg.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_28_17-freeradius.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_27_11-dns01-fra2.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_31_25-xen01-fra2.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_30_43-vpn01-fra2.net-spacy.com2015-06-22 14_30_03-radius02-fra2.net-spacy.com

The veritably high availability confirms that systems that are positioned with us and managed by us are never neglected and that our decisions of locations were the right ones.

Anyone who is interested and on the search for a secure and stable system will find a competent partner in us.