Emails now signed with a validated certificate

Verfasst am: 4. December 2014 von: Net-Spacy

Dear customer,

From today onwards email addresses used by us will be validated through the utilization of S/MIME certificates and their content will be protected. In case of a change not implemented by us (i.e. interception of emails), this change will be visible with immediate effect. Manipulations are therefore not possible any longer – it is equally easy to filter out fake mails.

Through the application of S/MIME certificates we approach the topic of ´security in email communications´ and we would like to show the recipient that topics such as security and data protection are very important to us.

Of course we support our clients with the implementation of this form of validation too – as well as providing the sale of these S/MIME certificates. Our portfolio comprises a big selection of products of different certification authorities and offers everyone the opportunity to select the appropriate solution: regardless of whether you would like to use the certificate privately, as a company or as a team – we have the suitable certificate for you!

If you have any questions regarding email security/email encryption, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team