We now have: 24/7 RemoteHands / HandsOn for 3 Berlin datacenter locations

Verfasst am: 13. November 2014 von: Net-Spacy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would now like to offer the following at the three subsequently listed datacenter locations in Berlin: RemoteHands or HandsOn, also for clients who don’t rent a server from us – on request clients will receive an individual SLA with guaranteed response times (24/7/365).


  1. Gradestraße 60, 12347 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 200 m )
  2. Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 3,5 km )
  3. Alboinstrasse 36-42, 12103 Berlin ( Distance: approx. 6 km )

Through our ideal office location only two buildings away from Level 3 datacenter and just a few kilometers to the other two datacenter locations, we are in the position to offer RemoteHands also to those clients who solely prefer to use our service.

Our RemoteHands / HandsOn are optimal for you if you e.g.:

  • operate your own hardware in one or more of the above mentioned locations
  • have no time for the journey or the drive is too far
  • are in need of a holiday cover for your company
  • would like to offer a 24/7 RemoteHand service to your clients

Which accounting methods are offered?

  • billing on effort (weekdays: 8-18h = for each 15 minutes commenced, other times, weekends, public holidays = for each 60 minutes commenced)
  • monthly inclusive HandsOn flat rate (minimum booking: 60 minutes, from 60,00 Euro net or 71,40 Euro gross)

What costs will be incurred for RemoteHands?


  • Mo.-Fr. 8.00h – 18.00h => 22,50 Euro net or 26,78 Euro gross / 15 min.
  • Mo.-Fr. 18.01h – 7.59h as well as Sa, Su, public holidays => 135,00 Euro net or 160,65 gross / 60 min.

Journey to and from Lorenzweg and Alboinstrasse:

  • Main times: 30,00 Euro net or 35,70 Euro gross
  • Secondary times (incl. public holidays and weekends) 60,00 Euro net or 71,40 Euro gross

Free journey to and from for clients at Level3 datacenter

What tasks can be covered with our RemoteHands?

  • Reboots
  • Execution of commands through phone orders
  • Error diagnosis of problems / hardware defects
  • Replacement of old and defect hardware
  • Installation and commission of new systems (server, NAS, Switche, firewalls, etc.)

Additionally, we offer our clients with the monthly inclusive HandsOn deal the opportunity to store hardware with us affordably and if needed resort to them.

We have woken your interest? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We would like to assist with any questions by phone or email.

With kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team

We are now a RIPE member

Verfasst am: 12. November 2014 von: Net-Spacy

Dear client, dear visitor and all those interested,

We are excited to announce today that we have achieved our aspiration to become a RIPE member.

From now onwards we are LIR and operate our own AS (AS52094).

Through our RIPE membership we have become even more flexible and can now offer our clients IPs (IPv4 & IPv&) at first hand.

With kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team