Soon available: Paying bills in Bitcoins (BTC)

Verfasst am: 27. August 2013 von: Net-Spacy

Dear client, dear visitor and all those interested,

We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to offer payment via Bitcoins (BTC) as a payment method soon, due to the high demand.

Clients who would like to make a payment via Bitcoins will soon have the opportunity to settle their bill this way.

For clients who have not yet engaged with the ‘virtual’ currency: it really is worth looking into more closely.

If you would like to pay by BTC now, please get in contact with our support team – we will discuss everything in detail with you then!

With kind regards

Your Net-Spacy Team

R1Soft Backup Server vs. BackupPC

Verfasst am: 19. August 2013 von: Net-Spacy

This blog entry is about the R1Soft Backup Server and the comparison of this solution to BackupPC.

First of all:

I am sure everyone agrees: backups are very important, however, it is not easy to find the suitable solution which doesn’t only look good, but also keeps its promises. If a system fails and a restoration of the data is needed, it doesn’t help to wait for it for several days.

For many years we have equipped backup systems with BackupPC and up to now it has been the best on the market amongst all the different software solutions.

The problem with BackupPC has always been that WARNINGS on the monitor would show up as soon as many backups were built and comprised simultaneously. Since there were usually many different systems that were secured at the same time, WARNINGS were given hourly and informed of an increased load.

After a long search we received the chance a year ago to test a new backup software (R1Soft) which doesn’t only have a user-friendly surface (WEB) but is also capable for multiusers.

The price back then was nearly US$700 per dedicated system. The test was promising but the price was not worth it. We have to secure system quantities in high double-digits to low triple-digits and it would have cost half a fortune to secure all systems with this new solution.

Because of this high price but the promising performance we kept all this at the back of our heads. At long last we have incorporated the offered available rental license solution through the R1Soft partnership earlier this year.

Since the introduction of the licenses we have practiced our own R1Soft Backup Server and we secure all our systems with this software solution.